Jerez de la Frontera became famous throughout the world for its sweet wines named after the town, which the British pronounced "sherry". It is called "de la Frontera" because it once stood on the frontier between the Moorish and the Christian realms

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The distinctive wine in Jerez has been exported for centuries, it was even praised by Shakespeare. It is distinctive because the strong sun gives the grapes a high sugar content. Famous names of these dynasties can be seen here over the doors of the bodegas; Sandeman, John Harvey, Domecq, Gonzalez Byass.

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Jerez is noted for its vineyards as well, which produce sherry and artisan aged vinegar. Continuity is maintained using the solera aging system by which wines of identical types are kept in groups of casks in ascending grades. The "blender" draws off wine from the oldest stock, replacing it with a similar amount of wine from the second oldest cask and so on so that the wine moves on progressively

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