The motto of Marbella is 'A Way of Life' and, certainly, this luxurious resort seems to have it all and is, once again, rising as a favourite location with the rich and famous, as well as more "ordinary" people who are willing to pay just a little bit extra.

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At the heart of old town is Orange Square which dates back to 1485 and is surrounded by whitewashed houses and three historical buildings - the town hall, the old governor's house and the Chapel (Hermitage) of Santiago. The gardens are full of brightly coloured flowers.

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However for the ultimate in coastal charisma it would be hard to beat Puerto Banus, just west of the town. This is the place to be Stroll along the yacht side and watch the world go by or window shop at one of several of the world renowned fashion houses and boutiques. The port has grown considerably over the years and now includes a casino, commercial shopping centre. In the harbour there are hundreds of stray cats.

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Another beautiful small neighbourhood is called La Virginia and is hidden against the mountain at the back of Marbella

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