In March we visited the beautiful town of Sevilla in Andalucia Spain. The city of Seville is located on the plain of the Guadalquivir river which crosses the city from North to South. The river can be navigated from Seville all the way to its outlet near Sanlúcar de Barrameda, on the Atlantic coast. In the past the port of Sevilla played an important role in commerce between Spain and the Americas and it remains today one of the most active river ports of the Iberian peninsula. On two occasions in the 20th century Sevilla has been in the spotlight of the world's attention. In 1929, it hosted the Latin American Exhibition, which left important urban improvements in the city. More recently, Expo 92 reinforced the image of Seville as a modern and dynamic city In 1492 Sevilla played an important role in the discovery and conquest of America. The center has been restored to it's old beauty and is perfect to just walk around. The neighborhood of Santa Cruz (the old Jewish Quarter), the Cathedral, the Giralda, the Archivo de Indias (Archive of the lndies) and the Alcázar, are must-see monuments of Sevilla

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The Cathedral of Seville was built in the 15th and 16th century in Gothic style on the grounds of the former major Arab mosque. It is the largest place of worship in Spain, and the third largest cathedral in the Christian world . The Giralda tower, was the minaret of the 12th century Moslem mosque.

7050.jpg (113574 bytes) Click here to see the Real Alcazar Palace

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