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Park Guell

The best and most famous example of Art Nouveau landscape-architecture has been designated a UNESO World Heritage Site. Count Eusebi Güell, a wealthy businessman, conceived the project as infrastructure for a garden suburb on what Gaudi described as 'the treeless mountain'. The only parts to be completed, before worked stopped in 1914 and it became a public park in 1922, were a grand entrance, two houses, 3km of paths, a marvellous terrace and the hippostyle hall, planned as an underground market. Güell's friend, Antonio Gaudi, was the designer. Both men intended that the project would express the spirit of Catalonia as a potentially independent nation.

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Park Guell info

La Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Família is the most famous work of Gaudí, to which he dedicated all his life to the extreme that he lived inside the precinct to closely follow the works. To point out, that is the unique great temple at present in construction everywhere in the world.

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La Sagrada Familia info

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