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An interview with Gary Tibbs, America's and probably one of the worlds biggest Fortunes fans. See his collection and read all kind of stories and facts about the group.

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The Fortunes new Live DVD promo

The Fortunes at Oostende with The Lou Roman Band photo spread

The Fortunes at Oostende first video

The Fortunes at the AZ Stadium Alkmaar The Netherlands 17 Nov 2012 Thanks to Hans Hettelder.

Rod Allen Tribute Page

PDF (15MB) of The Fabulous Sounds Of The Sixties from june 1984. A 15 pages spread in Dutch, but with lots of English clippings. Thank's to Gunther from Berlin for sharing.

Indian Summer History with Bob and Paul. Part 1.

Indian Summer History with Bob and Paul. Part 2.

The Fortunes at Harderwijk July 2012

I can't Help Myself YouTube clip in HD

The Fortunes with a song by Fred Van Vught and B. Coeur. Filmed at several radio studio's across The Netherlands. It was the second of November 2004, a very special day in the recent history of The Netherlands with the killing of the director, filmmaker Theo van Gogh. The first part of the clip was recorded at Radio West, minutes after Theo van Gogh was killed. That gives this clip a very special touch for Dutch people: 'Trying to get over you' in an unplugged version.

Oldie Parade Hamburg YouTube clip of Freedom come, Freedom go 1995

Interview Michael Smitham on Bay Radio Spain 16th May 2010

Article from 'What makes Xalo Different' written by John Curtis Allicante Spain

Interview with Michael Smitham in  the Geoff Dorsett radio show at Express FM 23 April 2010

Soundbite of Bay Radio Alicante Spain. John Curtis Ready Steady Sunday

Soundbite of the Brian Matthew Sound of the 60's program on the 10th of 201

Bad Segeberg German tv 1991 Thanks to superfan Gunter.

        Part 1             Part 2

 Fortunes at Zoetermeer

Rod Allen Memorial Concert

Lowestoft 19 Sept. 2009

Fortunes Zuidbroek Holland

 Val and Alan's shots

Landsmeer the Nineties Willemien

Rod Allen Tribute Page 

Hasselt Belgium  

The Fortunes in Las Vegas 

Dutch Mini Tour March 2008

CUTG Darlington

C.U.T.G. Turnbridge 2007

Interview with Gary Tibbs 

Dutch Sleeves from The Willemien  Collection

Nuremberg Germany 2007

New additions in an old scrapbook 

Portishead UK 2006

Harm of The Offshore Radio Forum recovered a tape of February 1985. On it is a very good live performance of The Fortunes which they did in a program called Countdown Café on VOO Radio, which was presented by the late great Alfred Lagarde.
28 minutes The Fortunes live 1985 with: A medley wiht the greatest hits, Everly Brothers medley, Seasons in the sun, Oh what a night, You’ve got your troubles and Here it comes again. Thank you Harm for this recording. ?t4bbk6abmh6vslw
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The Fortunes Live at Zoetermeer June 2011 The photo's and the video's. More coming soon

Interview Michael Smitham on Bay Radio Spain 16th May 2010

Interview with Michael Smitham in  the Geoff Dorsett radio show at Express FM 23 April 2010

Part of The Memorial Concert on YouTube

Zoetermeer Video on YouTube

  BBC Radio Wales Jan. 2008

BayRadio Interview Michael 13-12-2009  

The Fortunes Story on Radio Mi Amigo

Part 1 6 Feb 1977

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Thanks to Walter Galle VVVR Radiovisie

BBC Radio 2 Pirate Johnnie Walker 280309 with Ed Stewart about Rod

Radio Noord interview with Eddie Mooney 28-03-09

The Fortunes Live at CFRW 1290 AM Winnipeg Canada 11-03-2009

TV recording 1988 Formel Eins    

Thanks to Fortunes fan GUNTER.

"Poster" Radio program from27-01-1977 TROS Radio The Netherlands

Thank you Ludo 

Pirate Radio clips with The Fortunes 


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