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Alphen aan den Rijn

Berlin CityTrip Video Report  For Apple, Android and other mobile equipment users


UK Bristol and Bath UK Northumberland 1

UK Northumberland and Lake District

Las Vegas   Los Angeles 

Spain several regions

Gent Belgium   Brugge Belgium   Mechelen Belgium




Curacao / Aruba



Mediterranean Cruise Norwegian Spirit

SAIL Amsterdam 2005

A 380 first visit at Schiphol

Museum Rockart

Racing on Zandvoort summer 2012






Dubai Port of call Royal Caribbean

Abu Dhabi Port of call Royal Caribbean

Oman Port of call Royal Caribbean

Photo's Arabian Nights Cruise 2016

Oman - Abu Dhabi - Dubai

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Marbella dec/jan 2015/2016

Tenerife / Lanzarote

Port of Call Madeira/Funchal

Port of Call Casablanca/Rabat Norwegian Spirit

Norwegian Spirit Canary Islands

Barcelona city trip Port of Call Norwegin Spirit

NORDERNEY 192 VIDEO STREAM 24/7 every week  video's

Holland FM Ger Lammens met Bull Verweij 17-07-1994

Two visits to the Ross Revenge 1988/1989

1991 - 1992 Radio Caroline at Dover 

RNI Memories Rob Olthof 1971

Hoe hoort het eigenlijk interview Bull Verweij

De laatste jaren van  Radio Noordzee.  



The new Fortunes Live DVD 

 In remembrance of Rod Allen, From A Distance 

The Archives






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